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Coneco’s Civil Department draw on our decades of extensive and diverse engineering experience in the public, private, and utility sectors to meet your unique challenges.

Energy Sector

For our power utility transmission and distribution clients, we have provided civil engineering design and construction inspection services on over 80 substations throughout New England, ranging in size from 5,000 square feet to 16 acres, with voltages from 4 to 345 kV.

Through our experience, we have gained a deep understanding of the needs and goals of our energy clients, and we offer design solutions that focus on ease of operation and maintenance which satisfy regulatory permitting and licensing requirements.

Energy Services We Provide

  • Substation Sighting & Access Alternatives Analysis
  • Substation Fence, Grading & Layout Plan Development
  • Substation & Transmission Line Access Road Design, both temporary and permanent
  • Stormwater Management System Design and Inspection
  • Subsurface Soil Explorations
  • Federal, State and Local Level Permitting and Permitting Support
  • Controlled Construction Supervision
  • Civil Site Inspection
  • Civil Construction Cost Estimating
  • Survey, Permit & Licensing Services

Land Development

With a deep understanding of land development costs and permitting challenges, we can guide you through the entitlement process, arriving at an economical, fully permitted solution. Our diversified experience in land development projects encompasses the fields of commercial, industrial, and retail site design, including major redevelopment of existing facilities.

We have developed a strong presence with many local Boards and Commissions that allows us to represent your interests and serve your needs in an effective and efficient manner. A partial listing of the services that we provide to this market is provided below.

Land Development Services We Provide

  • Site Assessment and Site Plan Development
  • Septic System Design & Inspection
  • Sanitary Sewer Collection and Treatment Systems
  • Roadway and Utility Design
  • Stormwater Collection and Management System Design & Inspection
  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Federal, State and Local Level Permitting
  • Construction Phase Services
  • MGL Chapter 40B Residential Development Design
  • Residential and Commercial Subdivision Design
  • Industrial and Commercial Redevelopment
  • Flood Studies
  • A full array of survey, permit, and licensing services

Public Sector

Our 35+ years of professional experience have provided us with a complete understanding of the budget and manpower constraints under which public entities must operate, and through this gained understanding, we have adapted our project role to that of a true partner with our clients.  At the outset of each project, we work closely with our client to develop the most cost-effective approach to resolve their issues. In some cases, we have successfully identified and obtained grant funding to assist our clients in the financing of their important projects.

Coneco’s varied public sector project experience covers the full gamut of planning, survey, engineering design, environmental and construction permitting, and environmental remediation services. Specific project examples include maintenance facility design and permitting for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; municipal roadway reconstruction; State- owned playground and spray park development; water distribution systems at State-owned recreational facilities; and town-wide culvert and stormwater outfall inspection and sampling programs.  A partial listing of the services that we provide to our public sector clients is provided below.

Public Sector Services We Provide

  • NPDES MS4 Compliance
  • Recreation Facility Planning
  • Design and Permitting Stormwater System Assessment
  • Inspection and Sampling Stormwater Collection
  • Management System Design Wastewater Collection
  • Treatment System Design
  • Roadway Utility Design
  • Subsurface Investigations and Geotechnical Engineering
  • Solid Waste Planning and Compliance Hazardous Waste Permitting
  • Compliance and Remedial Design
  • Federal, State, and Local Level Permitting
  • Construction Phase Services

Civil Engineering Projects

Check out some of our civil engineering projects below.